Scientific Health Benefits of Sea Grape – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

Sea Grape is the type of readily serve seaweed that has small air bubbles surrounding on its stems. Hence, the fruit likened like a little, green grouping of grapes. The bubbles break easily on the mouth unleashing a slightly salty taste of southern sea freshness. This sea grape seaweed has flavor like sea water and other algae, its texture are crispy, watery, robust, and slimy when you bite it. It is slightly salty due to prolong exposures of sea waters. The softness that is found in this seaweed makes it safe to consume. The sea grape colors are bright green to bluish and olive green.

The fruit itself is grape like however a bit harder than the normal grape and it has one big seed as rather than several little ones. They always green and tough for a long period until finally, they transform to their matured purple color. There are, nonetheless, only two areas in the Pacific Rim that are well known for providing this small delicacy of seaweed. One would be the Philippines where it’s known as an opulent food and the other is Okinawa, Japan, the northernmost area where the plant is able to thrive wildly. Sea Grape is a native plant in the sea waters of the Western Pacific all the way from Vietnam in the south to Okinawa in the north.

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