What is tapioca starch?

Starch application in food industry: Used as an additive for confectionery and canning industry.
In construction: Starch is used as a cement binder, increasing cohesion for clay, limestone, used as wood glue, plywood manufacturing additives, paint additives.
Application in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry: Starch is used as bleaching powder, makeup, additives for soap, face creams, excipients.
Application in mining industry: Starch is used as an additive for mineral flotation, emulsion solution in oil drilling solution.
Application for paper industry: Starch is used to make surface coatings, components of paper ash, and diaper products for children.
Application in textile industry: Starch used in sizing, printing.
Agriculture applications: Used as a swell, moisturizing soil and plants against drought.
Other uses: Starch is used to make biodegradable plastic films, dry batteries, tanning, hot melt glue, binders, molds, and sintering additives.

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